Service and Support

At Future Cure when we sell you a booth it doesn't end there. We have a fully trained support team to help you with any issues that may arise. Our Service and Support Team have 20 years of combined knowledge in the paint booth and automotive industry. Our Service manager has an extensive background in mechanics and electrical and his knowledge extends to every aspect of a booth. Our staff is not only trained to work on and fix every variety of our booths,they are trained to fix and service the different manufacturers booths and heaters, so there is no down time in your shop

Future Cure offers local on-site product service by Future Cure Technicians that have been trained and certified to perform first time start-up of the spray booth Air Make-up System, annual maintenance and trouble shooting. What this means to you is that service time is kept to a minimum and your production keeps running.

To Contact our Service team Call 203-438-2400

or Contact us via email at: