Company Profile

The core of the Future Cure staff is made up of people with extensive backgrounds in the Auto Body Industry. Some are previous shop owners/managers with a good understanding of the “Quality Performance Standards” necessary in today’s business environment. Our Chief Technical Support Manager started his career as a painter in an independent body shop, where he learned the skills of the trade. Then went on, for many years, traveling the nation as a Technical Support Person (problem solver) for several major paint companies.

What does this mean to you? Future Cure is a company with a background in painting automobiles. A company that understands, not only how to build a great booth, but also how to make it perform to the painters needs. When you call Future Cure (800.673.2493), not only can we answer your booth questions, but also your paint questions as they relate to air flow, heat, pressure balance and everything else needed to make Future Cure users the highest quality, best performing shops in the nation. Future Cure, is a U.S. manufacturer, based in Connecticut, which began the development of its product line in the late 80’s. Prior to than, there were basically two choices in paintbooths: High End booths for high dollars or Low End for low dollars. Future Cure set out to design, and has produced, a good quality, mid-priced booth that’s both affordable to own and offers shop owners and painters a comfortable environment in which to work

Future Cure is a “Direct Sales” company, meaning that, when you call you’ll speak directly with the factory. No middlemen, no distributor, no reseller. Directly to the factory. Directly with staff designers who can engineer a booth to any specific design requirements. Directly to the factory for service and support, and directly to the factory for the best pricing available nationwide. We understand the buying process for a paintbooth can, at times, seem overwhelming. Allow us the opportunity to service your needs and allow us the opportunity to compete for your valued business.